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We provide an opportunity to meet with us, along with friends and family. There is a chance to ask any questions you might have and discuss different options available.

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Residential Care

Residential Care homes are for people who need 24-hour support. All our staff are trained to provide this type of support and if necessary to be on call at night.

Grossdale Care Agency provides staff for Residential Care Homes.

Our staff help with personal care (getting up and going to bed, dressing, washing and toileting) as necessary, and they will supervise or administer medication. Our Care Workers are trained to provide personal care – Level 2 and Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (QCF) in house at Grossdale Vocational Institute (please create a link for this website). All our staff understands the importance of reading residents’ individual care plan and encouraging and maintaining the unique strengths of residents whilst meeting their support needs. Every member of staff provided to a Care Home understands residents should be respected always and individual culture and beliefs should be recognised and catered for. Grossdale trains its staff that residents do not lose their right to take part in decisions about their lives because they are no longer in their own home. Our staff understands that residents should be included in plans and decisions about their care, and assisted to make choices, such as food at meal times, clothing, activities, and acknowledgement of their preferences.

We encourage our staff to build a rapport with residents as part of the care routine. Our staff are trained to undertake good teamwork and effective communication to ensure all residents are treated with dignity, privacy and respect. Residential Care homes provide meals throughout the day which our staff are fully trained to carry out with good knowledge of ‘Food Hygiene’. Our staff prides themselves that they are capable of engaging residents in the social life of a residential care home, which includes playing bingo, chess, and reading.

We recognise the importance of qualified staff and promote the ethos that the elderly are valuable members of society and they have something to offer.

Grossdale keenly works hand-in-hand with Care Homes to ensure that any changes to staff’s job role, training is promptly undertaken through Grossdale Training Centre.

Grossdale recruit people for their caring and compassionate qualities as much as their experience.

Please contact our Health Care Manager to discuss staffing for your Care Home.