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We are specialists in Care for individuals living with Dementia, Learning disability, Stroke, Autism Physical disability, Diabetes, and End of life care.

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Escort to Day Centres, Hospital and Shopping

Grossdale offers service male and female escorts for elderly clients who may have varying degrees of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, recovering from a stroke or frail. We provide enhanced DBS checks for all escorts. All our escorts are reliable and caring. This role involves some physical support therefore all employees must be able to fulfil this requirement. Grossdale Training will assist with qualification in moving and assisting to carry out this role competently. Elderly people appreciate the courtesy and kindness of the escorts. “[My escort] delivered me home safe and sound,” said one senior. “I can’t tell you how she adds quality to my life, she is such a sweet and caring person. “

Escort to Day Centre

Duties include:

  • Boarding and alighting at home and at the Day Centre.
  • Attend general care and well-being, including assisting with basic needs, e.g. toileting, feeding, moving and handling.
  • Assist with lunches, help with personal care duties and assist with day centre activities to ensure our services users receive a stimulating and pleasant day.
  • Preparing the room, serving tea/coffee, washing up and other activities required to run our social group.
  • Ensuring comfort and safety of service users whilst in transit.
  • You will provide support, care and instruction in a range of activities aimed at encouraging users to develop personal independence skills and pursue social/recreational interests

Our clients are asked regularly to complete Feedback Questionnaires about their satisfaction with Escort to Day Centre Service.

Escort to Hospital

Grossdale Care Agency will help clients to who require escort to and from hospital appointments or when discharged from the hospital. We will provide male or female escorts in accordance with client’s needs. One elderly client who uses our service told us, “Without the help of this service I would not be able to live on my own. I feel independent and I am able   to make it to all my doctors’ appointments on time.”

Our Escorts duties are:

  • Interacts with client family members and staff to ensure patient safety and to expedite the timely arrival and departure of clients.
  • Transport discharged clients along with their belongings
  • Transport patients in a timely manner to and from clinics and departments for medical tests.
  • Ensure safe care to patients, adhering to policies, procedures, and standards of Grossdale Care Agency
  • Strong customer service and verbal/listening communication skills and basic interpersonal skills
  • Able to problem-solve, follow directions, and multi-task in a busy environment

Our clients are regularly provided with feedback forms about their satisfaction with Grossdale hospital escorts

Escort for Shopping

Everyone needs to shop for essential groceries and other household goods. Unfortunately, when a person’s mobility decreases, shopping becomes a significant problem, particularly for clients living on their own. Shopping for food then is a vital part of living and keep well.

Grossdale Care Agency has no single model of shopping service. We will tailor our service with your shopping needs, particularly if you require various cultural foods.

We offer Escorted services – for clients who are mobile enough to go out and do their own shopping but just need extra assistance with transport to and getting around food stores.

Client Feedback is regularly sought about their satisfaction with Grossdale Shopping Escorts.

Post Office

Our elderly clients enjoy being in charge of their finances therefore the opportunity for Grossdale Care Agency to provide male/female escort, provides our clients with safety and peace of mind.

Our escorts duties include:

  • Accompanying clients home with their pension
  • Escorting clients to the post office/bank