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Older people in care homes are a highly vulnerable group, often lacking an effective voice owing to dementia and other communication difficulties.

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Grossdale Care Agency respects the independence, dignity and privacy of our clients. We endeavour to empower our clients and cater for their needs and choices to enable them to live comfortable and happy lives. Our role is to help and support clients, to improve their life skills and to enable individuals to live life the way they want. We deliver a high-quality care service and offer proficient care and support staff by ensuring implementing their training needs and constantly monitoring their performance throughout their employment.

Care for the Elderly:

When an older person cannot manage living in their own home, due usually to frailty, disability, dementia or a combination of all of these, alternative living arrangements need to be considered such as residential care home or nursing homes. Older people in care homes are a highly vulnerable group, often lacking an effective voice owing to dementia and other communication difficulties. Consequently, there is a need for compassionate and knowledgeable care staff. We at Grossdale understand the culture of how an organisation should treat and motivate its staff. Grossdale promotes amongst its care worker’s competency, responsibility and accountability.

Domestic Help:

Grossdale employs Domestic Help; they provide a home environment which is supportive to clients and carry out practical caring tasks. Our Company encourages Domestic Help to use their initiative in deciding with client’s what priority tasks are to be undertaken.
Grossdale’s Care Manager should be informed of any significant changes to a client’s care plan.

Domestic Help duties include:

  • Assisting clients in and out of bed, dressing / undressing and with general mobility
  • Assisting clients with personal washing / showering / bathing / hair care and other personal care
  • Assisting clients to the toilet / commode
  • Emptying commodes, emptying catheter bags and re-fitting as necessary, dispensing of incontinence pads
  • Cleaning clients after soiling and wetting
  • Assisting with feeding
  • To assist in the administration of medication, subject to agreed policy and procedure
  • To undertake a range of agreed health related tasks, subject to their being part of the care plan
  • To carry out all reasonable social care tasks which help promote a network of social contacts and relationships, encourage independence and integration and meet assessed need
  • To establish a relationship with clients, giving support to those under stress, and providing a degree of companionship and a link with the community
  • Making telephone calls for clients to contact the doctor, emergency services or to make appointments
  • To deal with callers to the clients home
  • Where necessary to accompany the client to the hospital / doctor
  • Reading and writing letters, completing forms

We at Grossdale, regularly seek the opinion of our clients about our Domestic Help through Feedback Forms.